MLB Trade Rumors is proud to present our 15th annual Top 50 Free Agents list! For the entire list of free agents, plus the ability to filter by signing status, position, signing team, and qualifying offer status, check out our mobile-friendly free agent tracker here.

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MLBTR writers Steve Adams and Connor Byrne joined me in this collaboration, debating free agent contracts and destinations for many hours over the past month.  If you’d like to support the effort that went into this list, please consider a subscription.  Check out all the benefits here!

Wondering about our annual Free Agent Prediction Contest?  We’ll open it up on November 16th and announce it on the site.

We vetted these as much as possible, but with 50 predictions and a volatile free agent and trade marketplace, we know we’ll be off on some.  The pandemic only makes the task harder, as we don’t know how conservative each club will be in light of drastically reduced revenue in 2020.  Have your say on all of this in the comment section!

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