A Milestone Day for San Antonio’s Sports Star

Today is a milestone day for San Antonio Sports Star.

Time to change your preset button. We have moved to KTFM 94.1FM. 

This is huge for our station and it is because of you – our listeners and our sponsors.

Thank you. Thank you for your years of support that has allowed this radio station to grow over the years.

Moving to 94.1 is huge – the signal is 37 times bigger than what we had yesterday. You know I am a music guy so this is like a band that started playing clubs, moved to arenas and is now playing massive stadiums. Like going from Wolff Stadium to Jerry’s World.

This is like moving from Alamo Ranch to the Dominion.

When I was interviewing with this station in late 2007 there was a commitment from management that this was more than we will add a sports station and see what happens.

We launched in February 2008 on AM1250. Through the years, management has invested in improving the 1250 signal. On December 5, 2014, we added 94.5FM – becoming the only sports station on the FM dial.

My bosses – Lance Hawkins and Greg Martin – hired me in 2007. They are competitive and to win they believe in live and local. The commitment is there on the radio daily with three local shows with the recent additions of Rudy Jay, Joe Reinagel and Michael Jimenez. I have had some great teammates through the years, but this is the best local sports talk lineup San Antonio has ever heard.

I originally wasn’t a fan of them splitting Rob Thompson and I up but I understood the vision and goal. We now have more local programming – and again, that is thanks to you – listeners and sponsors – that gives management the confidence to keep investing in sports talk radio.

This move to 94.1 gives San Antonio one of the biggest sports stations signal wise in the state. Dallas has a sports station with a bigger signal. Houston doesn’t. Austin doesn’t.

I will never hear you complain that you can’t get us in certain parts of town or you get bleed through from another station.  And if I do, I know you are heading out of town and about an hour into your road trip.

Thank you. Thank you for the years of support that has allowed this station to grow.

And do us a favor. Change your preset to 94.1 and tell a friend.

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