NEW YORK (AP) — Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he was unconcerned about criticism from Aaron Judge’s personal hitting coach.

Richard Schenk posted Thursday on X: “They’ve lost 13 out of 18 while he’s hitting like an MVP. The Yankees offensive player development is terrible.”

“People are going to say things and certainly everyone’s entitled their opinion,” Boone said Friday, “and especially when you go through a tough stretch and you wear this uniform I know people are going to take shots and things like that, so you can’t get all consumed with all that stuff. We got enough to worry about making sure we’re buttoned up and putting our best foot forward every day.”

Judge had minimal response Friday.

“I honestly really don’t care what’s said on Twitter,” he said, adding: “It doesn’t involve me, to be honest. It’s somebody else making a comment.”

New York entered the night with a .248 batting average, 10th among the 30 teams, but 27th since June 3 at .221 (139 for 629), ahead of only Detroit, Kansas City and Seattle.

Anthony Rizzo has been sidelined since June 16 by a broken forearm and Giancarlo Stanton since June 22 by a strained hamstring.