Are Dak and Zeke Top 10 at their positions?

Is Zeke a Top 10 running back? Is Dak a Top 10 Quarterback?

With NFL training camps a couple of weeks away, ESPN is doing their position rankings and Ezekiel Elliott did not make the top 10…he did get an honorable mention and it created a solid debate yesterday on The Blitz.

Based off last year, Zeke should not be in the Top 10 heading into this season but he could be Top 10 at the end of this season. He needs to stay healthy and more importantly, the offensive line needs to stay healthy.

I am a fan of Zeke and as a Cowboy fan, hope that he can be the running back we all expect him to be – and based on his contract and future – hope he plays like he knows his job is on the line.

While ESPN listed Zeke with an honorable mention and CD Lamb with an honorable mention at wide receiver, Quarterback Dak Prescott did make the top 10…at No. 10.

According to ESPN, Dak is “A good but not great QB; he has to play well in the playoffs,” an NFC exec said. “Has to prove [he] can take them to the next level. He’s not in the top echelon.”

Dak did not receive a single Top 5 vote in the ESPN survey of more than 50 league executives, coaches, scouts and players.

In a post I had on this site on July 6, I ranked Dak at No. 7.

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