Are the Roadrunners Cheaters?

In football, coaches will always look for an edge, something that will give them and advantage over a given team. It’s great as long as it’s allowed under the rules. This week when  the UTSA Roadrunners line up against the Houston Cougars, one head coach believes the Roadrunners might violate the rules. Is there cheating going on at UTSA?  Of course not, but if you listen to the words of Houston head coach Dana Holgorsen, the Runners pump in fake crowd noise inside the Alamodome which is against the rules. Holgorsen went on to say the Cougars will be on the lookout for the fake noise. Not sure how you can be on the lookout for something like that, but to say it during a press conference speaks volumes of the pressure that is on his Cougars team this Saturday.


Holgorsen is already setting the stage for an excuse should the Roadrunners prevail. Can I just say this please, “What a jackass!” Holgorsen knows his Cougars will be in a dog fight against UTSA and is quite frankly running scared. What else could it be? Guess what, this should backfire big time on Holgorsen and his Cougars. Not only will he feel the wrath of the Roadrunner faithful, UTSA head coach Jeff Traylor will undoubtably use his words as a lightening rod to fire his team up big time.  I hope the Cougars leave the Dome with their tails between their legs but either way, the respect for a head coach to resort to something like that is gone. I hope his players know the position he has put them in, if they don’t now, they will come Saturday afternoon. GO RUNNERS!!


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