Are You Buying What Jerry is Selling?

Another year another Tyron Smith injury.

We woke up to the news that Smith is likely out at least until December with what the Cowboys are calling an avulsion fracture of the knee. So what is next for the Boys? Well, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on ESPN Thursday says there is nothing to see here, nothing to worry about, we have players already in house that can fill the bill. Are you buying that?

Maybe there is something there, I mean young players need playing time to see if they are ready to become the next great player. But was this the plan all along? Tyron Smith has battled injury issues since 2016, missing time each and every year. Smith is a great player when healthy but knowing the history, shouldn’t there be a back up plan? The Cowboys did virtually nothing this off season except let players go. The offensive line is a need for this team, that showed up big time last season, but still not much to address the situation. Tyler Smith, the Cowboys first round draft pick this year may be the answer, but he is battling an injury right now as well.

Surely Jerry can’t be content with what he has in the locker room, surely he is just trying to put a positive spin on an ugly situation. But the Cowboys have let it ride for the most part with players that were once great, instead of re-filling the cupboard. With an improving defense, it may very well be the offense that lets Cowboys fans down this season. A big part of that may fall directly on the shoulders of the Jones family. I like Jerry Jones, he makes money, but his teams don’t win. The memory of  the mid nineties is fading fast. Winning is tough enough in the NFL, preparation is a big part of that equation, and for now the Cowboys are losing the preparation battle.

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