Are You Having Fun Spurs Fans?

“Well at least we accomplished the goal ” If I hear that statement again, my head just might explode! That seems to be the typical response to yet another Spurs loss. The latest coming in Oklahoma City Wednesday night when the Spurs took a 17 point lead in the break and ended up losing to the Thunder by 8. The young Spurs scored 77 points in the first half and only 34 in the second. The Spurs have now lost 9 straight and 14 of their last 15 games. They sit 14th in the Western Conference just a half game ahead of the Houston Rockets for dead last. All of this is for the pursuit of what everyone is calling a generational player, Wemby, Wemby, Wemby!

Look I get it, teams go through rough times and that I can accept. What I can’t accept is a league that allows this type of “tanking” by a team hoping to have the magical lottery ball. As a fan of a professional sports team, I expect management to pursue a winning team each and every year. I don’t want to wait years for the next opportunity. I know I have expressed my frustration on this many times, if you listen to The Blitz, you know this, so I won’t go on and on here. My question to Spurs fans is, are you having fun this season? I for one am not and I am a sports geek that gets paid to follow this team win or lose. What about the casual Spurs fan? Are you willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to watch a team that most likely will lose night after night?

The Spurs are following the rules so it is hard to blame them for taking a shot at a high draft pick, after all it has worked before. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver however has an obligation to the Spurs fan base to change the rules so teams can’t intentionally lose games. Then maybe, just maybe I won’t have to ever hear the term,” well at least we accomplished the goal” ever again.

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