Barbecue, Whataburger, Texas pride on the line for Dallas Cowboys vs. Chiefs

Listen up, Kansas City. Enough is enough. You got Patrick Mahomes out of Texas and two trips to the Super Bowl, including the title in 2019. He has now brought you Whataburger, a Texas treasure and the best fast food chain known to man. Some of us are still smarting about that Kansas victory over Texas, the biggest upset in Big 12 history. Even Kansans are still shocked about that. And then there is this little barbecue talk. We will get into that later. But just know that when you’re talkin’ about the sauce, you’re not talkin’ about the meat. But the main dish here is Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs, the showdown between Mahomes and Dak Prescott. And it’s the Cowboys’ turn now to restore some Texas pride and take another step toward claiming a title of their own.

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