Before Manning arrives in Austin in 2023

With the excitement over the Arch Manning commitment and the others that have committed to the Texas Longhorns 2023 class since, we still have the 2022 season to play.

In most years, Quinn Ewers would not be a bridge quarterback. And he shouldn’t be. The 2022 Longhorns should be better. Should be, but will they be?

In the second season for Coach Steve Sarkisian, many thought (or hoped) that the Horns would compete for the Big 12 title and maybe a playoff spot. Ewers, a better offensive line with Heisman candidate Bijan Robinson and other talent around them should have this Texas team better, but Dave Campbell’s Texas Football is predicting a 4th place Big 12 finish for Texas.

The magazine has Baylor winning the Big 12 – in the writers poll not one predicted Texas would win the conference. Seven of the 13 picked Baylor, four picked OU and two picked Oklahoma State.

The magazine predicts Baylor at No. 1 followed by Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Kansas State, Iowa State, TCU, Texas Tech, West Virginia and Kansas.

Several weeks ago, Sark was in town speaking at the San Antonio Quarterback Club. He sounded more like a CEO talking to the Board giving an annual report of what went wrong and how they plan to fix it.

I want to believe “Texas is Back” but I don’t trust them. On paper, they should be better but they have to prove it on the field. I am with the magazine on this one – should be and will be are two different things.

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football predicts the Longhorns going 8-4 overall and 6-3 in Big 12 play. The magazine predicts losses to Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Baylor.

I agree with the record prediction just not the games. They will win one of the games against the Oklahoma schools but lose one they shouldn’t – it’s in their DNA to have that disappointing loss to a TCU or Kansas…until they prove us all wrong.

The one part of the Texas Longhorns preview that I hope comes true…the bowl game. If Texas isn’t in the playoff…give the football world this…DCTF predicts the Longhorns will be in the AlamoBowl against USC.

Imagine a rematch of the greatest game ever. After Texas beats USC in the Alamodome, Ewers, holding the AlamoBowl trophy while screaming into a microphone “We’re back” and then hands the trophy to Vince Young, who holds the trophy high above his head before handing it to Arch Manning and then screams into the microphone, “yes we are”

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