Best Day In My Broadcast Career?

I have been in the Media for over 30 years, but what happened on Tuesday at Cowboys camp may be one of the best days I have had in my entire career. Jason and I were able to get Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott back to back live during our show. We were also able to interview Cowboys COO Stephen Jones during the same broadcast. I am not trying to brag, maybe a little, but access to three major players from a pro team does not happen very often. I have been fortunate to have many memorable moments on this incredible ride I have been on, but what happened yesterday  ranks right up there. Obviously it’s not the best day in my career, Spurs championships, Super Bowls, interviews with legends like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan will certainly rank ahead of yesterday. But what continues to amaze me is the access we have in radio versus what I had in television. Sometimes in life we all have choices to make, for me, leaving TV and coming back to radio was one of the decisions I have made. Not sure what will do for an encore, but from what I have seen, don’t touch that dial!

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