(NEW YORK) — The all-time leading NCAA college basketball scorer for men and women Caitlin Clark is ready for the next chapter of her career.

The record-smashing University of Iowa women’s basketball phenom spoke with ABC News’ Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts at the University of Iowa campus to discuss her recent announcement that she will forego her last season of college hoops to enter the WNBA draft.

“I think there were pros and cons to both sides. And that’s what made the decision so difficult,” said Clark, who called the decision simultaneously a “win-win” and a “lose-lose.”

“I’m just kind of ready for the next chapter and a new challenge in my life. And what I’ve been able to do here has been very, very special. But I think the reason I decided to announce it when I did was just to have that closure,” she said.

Clark made history last week during her last regular-season game, cracking the all-time NCAA scoring record.

Clark, who has called Iowa home for the entirety of her life, acknowledged the importance the state holds in her heart.

“I wanted to play for my home state. I wanted to do something that really had never been done before,” the 22-year-old noted.

With the WNBA draft about a month away, excitement has picked up around Clark’s entrance on the professional stage. The Indiana Fever have the first pick of the draft and will, in all likelihood, select Clark with the pick.

Roberts asked Clark what she believes gets the larger basketball community excited about her next chapter.

“I think it’s just the style of basketball that I play. But also I think people like love the fire and the emotion that I have and like the smile I always have on my face,” she said, claiming the smile is not just for show. “This is fun for me.”

As for her fiery on court energy, she said some of the criticism she hears came as a surprise.

“I think it still does surprise me that people like get a little distraught about like women being competitive and getting into little arguments on the court or having a little trash talk,” said Clark. “You see that every single day in men sports like why can’t women do that too,” she continued. “That’s how it’s always been and that’s how it should be. That’s what makes the game so fun.”

Clark played multiple sports in her youth, but was drawn to basketball where her dad served as her first coach. She said she still acknowledges her dad with a head nod before each game.

Despite her collegiate success, Clark remembers being cut from the Team USA U-16 squad in high school, despite making the team the previous year. She called the event “one of the lowest points” of her career, but said she still uses the experience as motivation.

Clark and Roberts stepped out onto the University of Iowa court to survey the spot on the court where Clark broke the women’s scoring record.

“I dreamed of playing in front of these types of crowds in these types of environments,” said Clark. “During every national anthem, or every pregame. Like I just try to take a deep breath and look around and, you know, soak in the environment because it seriously never gets old.”

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