Can Albert and the Judge Save Baseball?

Has anyone noticed that the Major League Baseball season is winding down and headed to the postseason? If you have, it may very well be because of two players, The Yankees Aaron Judge and the Cardinals Albert Pujols. Both of these players are chasing history this season but is that enough to make the casual fans want to watch? Judge is sitting at 60 home runs on the season, 1 shy of the American League record.He is alo on pace to capture the “triple crown” in his league, leading in home runs, batting average and runs batted in. Roger Maris holds the American League record with 61, Judge has a chance to beat that record with two more dingers. If you are wondering, Barry Bonds holds the all time home runs record in a single season with 73.

As for Pujols, what he is doing at the age of 42 is simply amazing. Pujols needs just two more home runs to reach 700 for his career. Only three other players have reached that level, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Bary Bonds.  What’s interesting about Pujols, he has already stated publicly he will not return for another season if he comes up short. We’ll see about that,  but what is great about both players, whether they reach their goals or not, both will be seeing action in the postseason.
So if you are not tuned in now, maybe give Albert and the Judge a look, it might just be history in the making!
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