Chris Paul’s Revenge Series and Top Monday NBA Playoff Takeaways

Monday clarified an awful lot in the 2020 NBA Playoffs.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers, both of whom dropped the first game of their respective first-round series, gained complete control of the Orlando Magic and Portland Trail Blazers.

Milwaukee cruised to a 121-106 victory over the Magic, while the Lakers annihilated Portland, 135-115 (and it really wasn’t even that close).

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat eliminated the Indiana Pacers with a 99-87 Game 4 victory that came one day after Butler’s former team, the Philadelphia 76ers, was swept.

The one series that tightened features the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder. It’s now tied 2-2 following OKC’s 117-114 win, and there’s a real chance Chris Paul might eliminate the team that unexpectedly traded him just over a year ago.

If you’re looking for an idea of what might happen next for all of the above, keep scrolling.

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