Cooper Rush vs Dak Prescott

Cooper Rush won again.

But even Jerry couldn’t stir the pot after the Cowboys beat the Rams 22-10 on Sunday. When healthy, Dak will be the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Should the Cowboys stick with Cooper? Sure it’s a fun debate but not a serious one.  Even Dak haters can’t be taken seriously if they are trying to make an argument to keep Rush as the starter when Dak is healthy.

Cooper Rush has done an incredible job but if the defense has an off night, can he score 30 or more? He hasn’t shown that he can.

He was 10 of 16 for 102 yards against the Rams. No touchdowns and more importantly, no turnovers.

The offensive line isn’t getting near the credit it should, but that is a group that is coming along and the Cowboys are sticking with the run game. Zeke had 22 carries against the Rams. As a team, the Cowboys had 34 rushing plays to only 16 pass plays in what was a weird game.

With the Cowboys and Giants at 4-1 and the Eagles at 5-0, the NFC East has turned out to be one of the better divisions. If healthy, Prescott will be the starter this week when they take on the undefeated Eagles. It’s Monday, and it will be another long week on thumb watch.

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