The Andy Dalton Era started with definitive thud. The Dallas Cowboys were only really competitive in the first quarter, and that was thanks to an Arizona Cardinals offense that was out of sync. Once that passed, and the turnovers for the Cowboys began, it was a thumping that made the Cowboys look worse than they have at any point this season. In the end, they were crushed by the Cardinals, 38-10.

If it could go wrong for the Cowboys on Monday night, it did. The Cowboys defense actually managed to hold on for a brief time at the start of the game, but that was just an illusion. Two Ezekiel Elliott fumbles put the Cowboys in a hole. If that sounds familiar it should, the Cowboys are one of the worst teams in the NFL when it comes to ball security. Mike McCarthy talks about it every week in press conferences, but nothing seems to change.

The Cowboys had a third turnover on an interception, but it was in no way their fault. The referees had an absolutely inexcusable miss when Dre Kirkpatrick tackled CeeDee Lamb during his route and the refs made a no-call. At that point, the Cowboys defense totally caved and the Cardinals ran the ball down their throats for a touchdown. That was basically the end.

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