Cowboys Fans Were Wrong…It’s Time to Admit It

All is right in Cowboys land these days, the Cowboys have won 4 straight and look like a serious Super Bowl contender. Cowboys fans all over the place are celebrating as they should be, but now it’s time we al, admit we were wrong and apologize to Jerry Jones. All off season we moaned and complained about the Cowboys not addressing the offensive line woes, the wide receiver issues  and of course everyone waiting for Mike McCarthy to collapse so Jerry could bring in what Cowboys fans seem to think is the greatest coach of all time, Sean Payton.

It wasn’t just the casual fans doing this, in fact, RJ Ochoa, who runs Blogging the Boys, was the most vocal critic of the Cowboys approach to the off season. By the way, RJ is also the original rock the Mic champion for San Antonio Sports Star. But certainly RJ was not the only one, my partner on The Blitz, Jason Minnix was screaming loudly and yes so was I. We all thought the Cowboys were doing it wrong.

Well, let me start the trend with the first apology, Mr. Jones, you were right, my apologies for doubting you. I feel better and now I challenge the rest of you Cowboys critics to do the same, especially before you like another tweet talking about the Cowboys doing special things against other teams that went all out this off season. I have seen many of those lately. The Jones family told us at training camp this formula would work and so far, so good. So swallow your pride and issue the appropriate apology, you will feel so much better when you do.

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