Cowboys made me sick too Jerry

Jerry Jones said he was sick after the Cowboys lost to San Francisco.

I am literally sick – getting my ass kicked by strep throat – not being able to talk is not good when you talk for a living but I get where Jerry is going – watching Dak play the way he did on that stage should make every Cowboys fan sick.

I still believe in Dak Prescott but I also know now that Dak is not the one to elevate his teammates around him. He needs help. The Cowboys front office knows that – explains the desperate attempt to get OBJ for the playoffs. The Cowboys don’t have any playmakers around Dak outside of Lamb.

Dak deserves all the criticism coming his way for his play against San Francisco and his overall play this season – the interceptions. I am sure there are many factors for his regression this year and losing Amari Cooper with no replacement is one.

Even the experts cannot agree. Here is a tweet from Dan Orlovsky hammering Dak but quote tweeted by Hall of Famer Kurt Warner questioning what Dan was saying…

Bottom line, we don’t know the play – what the receivers were supposed to be doing or what the protections are…the end result falls on the quarterback and once again, Dak failed to get it done.

The Cowboys front office knows it has to get some playmakers around Dak – he cannot do it by himself. Can he get back in the Top 10 debate? Sure. But right now Dak is more Derek Carr…

I am out again today – hopefully back tomorrow – Joe will be holding it down on The Blitz from 3-7p

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