They can’t lose Dak’s ability to run, they just need to get him to slide more.

Prescott acknowledged that the situation dictates what should be asked of him, and that a first down in the third quarter probably isn’t the time to make the extra effort.

“On a play like that — first down, you’re going down. You’re sliding,” he said.

It’s hard not to think about how many times Prescott has kept his offense alive through sheer willpower, though – most notably, his winding, somersaulting, 16-yard run against Seattle on a crucial 3rd-and-14 of a wildcard game. The run set the Cowboys up on the Seahawks’ goal line, where they eventually took a 24-14 lead to put the game away.

And to hear it from Prescott, that’s not the type of play he plans on taking out of his repertoire.

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