Tyrod Taylor Could be a Great Fit as Cowboys Backup QB – Jess Haynie, Inside the Star

Could you see Taylor in silver and blue?

The former Virginia Tech standout, and the best QB to play in Blacksburg since Michael Vick, has put together a respectable NFL career over the last 10 seasons. He made the Pro Bowl in 2015 while with Buffalo, a 24-20-1 record as a starter, and a career passer rating of 89.5. He’s also a true dual threat with 1,850 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns.

Taylor is one of those guys who is good enough to help a good team compete but not carry a bad one. In that way he’s very much like last year’s backup Andy Dalton.

Dalton is set to become a free agent again after a one-year contract with Dallas. He ended up playing far more than expected or desired thanks to Dak Prescott’s injury and provided a stabilizing presence that at least kept the Cowboys competitive in Week 17.

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