Cowboys news: Mike Nolan’s new defense has players excited about the changes

Greatness has often eluded the Cowboys’ defense. Will a new approach by DC Mike Nolan take it to the next level? – David Moore, DMN

The stagnant Cowboys defense of yesteryear is out the window. There’s a new approach in Big D that has everybody excited.

One of the Cowboys quarterbacks went up to Chidobe Awuzie after a recent practice to ask what the defense was doing to disguise a look that confused him.

A short time later, another quarterback asked the corner the same question about another scheme.

Those are inquiries Awuzie didn’t field in his first three seasons with the club.

“Last year, everybody knew what we were running,’’ Awuzie said. “I’m not saying it was bad. We had great players. We wanted to execute.

“Now, we’re starting to be a little bit more multiple. Predisguised looks. It’s like a game. They’re trying to figure it out.

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