Cowboys Weakness: Depends on How you Look at it

What a week it was, covering Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard last week gave me an eyeful when it comes to the team’s strengths and weaknesses. So many things stood out, Dak Prescott looks to be in great shape and ready for a rebound, Zeke Elliott and Tony Pollard are primed for great seasons and then there is the defense which seems to be getting better by the day. But there are questions, the wide receiver corps is talented but very young, the secondary has been a big question for many years and this year is no exception, the kicking is giving all of us nightmares, missed field goal after missed field goal.  But for me the biggest concern has to be the offensive line. As the Cowboys get more physical in camp the concern grows deeper, in fact just yesterday Dak Prescott was sacked three straight plays. I tweeted about that saying ” the Cowboys offensive line should scare the hell out of every Cowboys fan.”  But very quickly a follower re-structured my tweet saying ” the Cowboys defensive line should scare the hell out of the NFL.”  I have to say it is a great point, so which is it? A porous offensive line or just great defensive line play? Perhaps a little bit of both but going back to the second half of last season, I lean toward the offensive line. The Cowboys can have all of the offensive weapons allowed to many, but without solid line play it will not matter. Jerry Jones and company did not do a lot this off season, and that is a shame when it comes to the big guys on the offensive line and it just might be the mistake that will cost them the most.

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