Curry Anyone?

What a dunk! That the talk of the sports world today, Andrew Wiggins over Luka Doncic in game three of the Western Conference Finals.  Wiggins stepped up and played well and we should be talking about that, but why does nobody talk about Steph Curry’s performance?

Steph Curry is and has been the most consistent player in the NBA for at least the last five years. In game three of the west finals, Curry dropped 31 points, grabbed five rebounds and dished out 11 assists, eye popping for most players, but for Curry, it’s just another day at the office. This guy puts up numbers like this day in and day out, quietly.
He is leading the Warriors to yet another Finals appearance and will be looking to grab a Finals MVP award, something that has eluded him the last five tries despite numbers that make a case.
So we can continue to be amazed by plays that thrill and players that step up now and again, but let’s show a little respect to the guys that get it done night in and night out, Steph Curry is that guy!
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