FRISCO – Dak Prescott isn’t denying that he is part of his Dallas Cowboys’ “struggles on offense.” But in the wake of Dallas’ all-important 27-20 survival win in Washington on Sunday, he submits two pieces of positive news.

One, it’s a good thing Dallas won in spite of some of his wobbly work.

Two, he believes he’s discovered the key to what appears to be a bit off-kilter about his play.

“It was a struggle on offense,” conceded Prescott, who was …. …. “But it’s better in a winning effort.”

“Better,” of course, means “easier to stomach” – something that would not have been the case had Washington, which stormed back from a mid-third-quarter deficit of 24-0, completed the comeback.

Among other dubious numbers here: Prescott’s 58.8 rating here is his second-lowest since early 2018.

And how to make things “better” in terms of QB play? Prescott has certainly had moments of magnificence during Dallas’ drive to 9-4 and it’s control of the NFC East. But … are nagging injuries adding up? Is he “hearing footsteps” or “seeing ghosts”? Is there a footwork problem?

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