Dear Roger Goodell, It’s Time to fix Your Officiating Problem

I have to admit, I was upset after the Chiefs win over the Bengals Sunday night, not because the Chiefs won, but because of what we are talking about today, the officials.  I am not a conspiracy theorist but  watching the fourth quarter Sunday night, I even had to wonder what was happening. Calls were made and some calls were not and most of those non calls seemed to go against the Bengals. A clear roughing the passer on Joe Burrow, no call. Burrow called for intentional grounding when Patrick Mahomes was not. A no call on a clear blocking in the back by the Chiefs on a punt. There was also a false start penalty apparently, no one heard the whistle so there was another down given. And on the critical play, a Mahomes scramble and a late hit, which was the right call, but a clear holding penalty was let go. The worst part about it all, it takes away from an heroic performance by Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.  All this does is open the door for questions and I have seen plenty from fans and former players alike. So I would like to ask the Commissioner, Roger Goodell, isn’t it time to fix this problem? The NFL is king without question, so why let doubters poke holes in the armor? It’s time to hire officials full time, make them accountable just like the players. The officials should have only officiating to worry about,  not their law practice or some other full time job. Mr. Commissioner, I know it would cost more money, but I think the NFL has the resources to get that done. Patrick Mahomes deserves to be in the Super Bowl, we should be celebrating his performance along with that of Eagles qb Jalen Hurts. It’s time to fix the officiating problem Mr. Goodell so we can concentrate on what really matters, the players and the play.

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