Duece Vaughn, gadget back or the real deal?

There seems to be plenty of excitement when it comes to the Cowboys 6th round draft pick, running back Deuce Vaughn out of Kansas St. Some say he is being underestimated while others, like me say he is simply a gadget back that won’t make a big impact on this Cowboys football team. Vaughn is a great story, his father, Chris is a scout for the Cowboys and on draft night was able to call his son and inform him that he was the newest member of the Cowboys.

I have heard the argument, Vaughn tore up the big 12, he has been overcoming his small stature his entire life, but this is the NFL. There are examples of smaller players having success in the league but they are few and far between.

While the story is good, what good does it do for the Cowboys, using a 6th round pick on Vaughn seems like a waste to me. I will say the same thing about Luke Schoonmaker, the tight end out of Michigan. The Cowboys burned a 2nd round pick on this guy and he has not seen one second of action thus far this camp.

While most, including me, think the Cowboys have done a great job this offseason, these two picks have me baffled. Schoonmaker was a panic move and Vaughn, a favor for Dad? Time will tell, but the Cowboys whiffed on these two players.

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