Did We Really Expect More From the Cowboys?

I have never been more disappointed watching a football game than I was watching the Cowboys lose to the Bucs Sunday night. But then I’m not sure why, what did I expect?


Leading up to Sunday’s opener we talked about all the potential problems, the offensive line, the youth at wide receiver, the running game and no capable back up at quarterback. Dak Prescott is out for the foreseeable future, he has a fractured thumb and will miss 6 to 8 weeks, that means, at least for now, Cooper Rush is the man! Quite frankly, maybe that’s ok, I mean Dak wasn’t exactly playing his best ball before the injury. In fact he was awful!. All off season we were told Zeke Elliott looked great and to be honest he ran hard last night. I have to admit, watching Zeke, he looks more capable of being the guy than Tony Pollard.  Both players shared the load on Sunday, the problem early, the trick plays trying to get Pollard involved. The receivers had some moments, San Antonio’s own Dennis Houston and especially Noah Brown stood out.


Cee Dee Lamb again showed he just might not be capable of being the number one guy. I will give him a bit of a pass, because Dak was not exactly accurate. The offensive line held up well, with the exception of the dreaded false start and holding penalties. The Jones family did not spend any money this offseason choosing instead to go with youth, and as we saw that means growing pains. Already the chatter has begun, Mike McCarthy on the hot seat, should the Boys look at Jimmy G? Can’t wait for Sean Payton! Unless the Cowboys spend some money and find some upgrades, not even the mighty, all powerful Payton can save the day. So after what did not happen this off season, did we really expect more from the Cowboys?


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