Does UTSA need a name change?

The UTSA Roadrunners


UT-San Antonio

Texas-San Antonio.

We see it in all types of ways from the national outlets. For the record, the University wants it to be UTSA.

In fact, in the game notes distributed to media, it says When referencing the University of Texas at San Antonio Athletics, PLEASE USE THE ACRONYM UTSA AND THE NICKNAME

ROADRUNNERS. Please refrain from using UT-San Antonio, Texas-San Antonio, UT-SA, ’Runners or any other variation.

  1. Scott Bailey writes in the San Antonio Business Journal that maybe the athletic program should consider a rebrand after Rece Davis said Texas-San Antonio on Game Day. Bailey points out that UNC-Charlotte made the change to just Charlotte when it comes to athletics.

While it has provided some great talk show content and comments on social media, maybe there is some middle ground.

Jeff Traylor and the program have embraced San Antonio. The area code is on the helmet.

I am not a fan of just going with the city name – the San Antonio Roadrunners, but it has worked for Charlotte and it seems to work for Houston.

From a national standpoint as they get ready to move to the American Athletic Conference, why not go UT-San Antonio. It lets everyone know where UTSA is. It identifies the city with the program. Here locally, we would still call it UTSA – chants and what not would not have to change.

I am not a fan of the idea but open to the fact that nationally, UTSA needs a consistent brand on the national level. UT-San Antonio would be what I would go with.

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