Don’t’ confuse criticism for hate

I admit it. I used to be a die-hard Cowboys hater. I laughed every time Dallas lost. I would tease my sisters and friends for getting their hopes up… only to have them dashed. I was a big time Dallas Cowboys hater. But not anymore.


No, I’m not suddenly a fan. A few years ago, I started to feel sorry for family and friends who cheered for America’s Team. It wasn’t funny anymore. Frustration turned into pain for many Cowboys fans, and I could sense that. I decided to let it go. Don’t get me wrong, I still laugh on the inside when they lose… but on the outside I’m nice about it.


“Halftime” Producer Edwin Haffner referred to me today as a “Nice Cowboys Hater.”

One of my Twitter followers wasn’t so nice to me and James Pledger. Rudolph says, “Haters use facts, but what makes you and Pledger (haters) is that you bring up the Cowboys when they’re not even the topic. You’ll always find a reason to bring up the Cowboys to put a negative light. I do believe you both speak truthfully, but you’re also haters.”


I understand what both are saying. My question back to Cowboys haters: Are you confusing constructive criticism for hatred? Am I automatically a hater if I criticize Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, or Mike McCarthy?
I consider Dak the eighth best quarterback in the league, better than three-quarters of the starters in the league. Somehow, that makes me a hater. I consider Ezekiel Elliott’s contract to be the worst on the team. Somehow, that makes me a hater. I think Mike McCarthy leads undisciplined teams that result in too many penalties. Somehow, that makes me a hater. All of these takes are FACTS. At least to me, anyway.

I’m not a Cowboys fan, but I pride myself on being honest with listeners – and being honest with friends and family. The Cowboys have a chance to make some noise in the NFC. Keep Dak healthy, reduce penalties, and trust the defense. Do that – and who knows – maybe the Cowboys become the alphas in the NFC. I won’t be cheering for them, but I’ll definitely l be watching…


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