Don’t get too worked up over mock drafts

It’s Mock Draft season…

For the record, I hate mock drafts this far out – sure they are fun to talk about and I do but I don’t get worked up over a mock draft – I am talking to you Mike Jimenez…

With the NFL Combine behind us, let’s look at two mock drafts that dropped today. One from Todd McShay on ESPN and the other from Nate Davis from USA Today.

Both are projecting a trade at No. 1 with the Colts moving up for Bryce Young leaving the Texans with C.J. Stroud at No. 2. Both have Will Anderson going No. 3 to Arizona and from there we are throwing spaghetti against the wall. It is educated spaghetti and I know there is thought and reason but it’s just one guys guess as to what a team will do – and it drives conversation.

And up to the draft in late April, we will see more mocks from the same people who will have very different looking mocks.

As for todays, looking at the Cowboys, McShay has the Cowboys taking Dalton Kincaid, the big tight end out of Utah – same guy Mel Kiper had the Cowboys taking at No. 26 in his latest mock draft. Davis has the Cowboys taking TCU WR Quentin Johnston.

Both make sense. I know the thought of a tight end in the first round will make Reinagel’s head explode but if Dalton Schulz is gone, the Cowboys will look at a tight end. For me, I just hope it is not in the first round but we know Dak loves a tight end. I love the two young guys on the roster but I can see why these draft experts are looking at that position.

While Johnston would make sense at No. 26, I am hoping the Cowboys take care of the WR need through free agency or a trade (HOPKINS…HOPKINS…)

Jimenez from Jimenez&Spence from noon-3 is all worked up that McShay has the Eagles taking Bijan Robinson. What Jimenez doesn’t seem to understand is that no matter who Philly takes at No. 10, it will be a great player that makes him better. Sure as a Longhorn fan it would suck to see him in that green but that’s part of the process. He would be great in that system but Philly has a great front office – running back at 10?

Davis in the USA Today version has Robinson going No. 27 to the Bills…late first round makes more sense for Robinson but that would obviously change if Buffalo adds Derrick Henry in a trade.

Which is why you should not let these mocks spike your blood pressure (worried about you Mike). So many things will change between now and the draft. And we will talk about them all.

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