Enjoying the other side of Sports

I have to tell you, being a fan is one of the greatest things in life. Cheering for your favorite teams with no limitations is one heck of a fun ride. I am getting to know the other side of the sports world since leaving television. During my 25 years at KENS I was limited in many things, like cheering  for example, this is not allowed in the press box. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed covering the games and events, but getting to sit in the seats and experience the moment is something special. Nothing spells that out more than last Saturday’s epic game in the Alamodome. Houston knocked off UTSA in triple overtime. I found myself yelling, cheering and quite frankly nervous throughout much of that game. The entire experience from tailgating to a fews beers and hot dogs is something I have not been able to experience over the last 25 years. I will never trade the memories of the past 25 years of covering sports on TV, but this other side of sports is something I am getting used to very quickly. The cherry on top, I still get to cover the teams and express my opinions and thoughts with all of you on a daily basis. I am so looking forward to more live games as a fan and sharing those experiences with all of you. I am also looking forward to all of you sharing your experiences with me.

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