Exposing UTSA Head Coach Jeff Traylor

Sometimes all it takes is a change in leadership, fresh ideas, new perspectives. The folks at UTSA knew that and took a chance on a longtime high school football coach from Gilmer, Texas. UTSA hired Jeff Traylor in 2020 and in a very short time he has transformed that program into something that gets attention on the national stage.

Traylor came in and immediately put his stamp on this program. His country boy charm won over the players, the facility and perhaps most importantly, the donors. Since his arrival, the Roadrunners have posted a 19-7 record, including an eye popping 12-2 campaign last year. He has that rock star image in the community, something I’m not sure he embraces, but it is easy to tell he has a genuine affection for this city.
So just this week we found out he has been honored, perhaps a more important honor than his Regional Coach of the Year award last year. Traylor was featured on the cover of the Dave Campbell football magazine. Ironically he shares the cover with Texas Tech Head Coach Joey McGuire. Most of us know, Traylor had one foot out the door and headed to Lubbock after last season, but thankfully Athletic Director Lisa Campos and company had the good sense to lock Traylor down here for the next 10 years.
But the Campbell cover is an honor for Traylor,UTSA and the high school coaches in this great state of Texas. As we head to a brand new season for the Roadrunners, a very difficult one at that, let’s embrace the culture, the brand and teh play on the field. It is refreshing to say the least, but it has made Jeff Traylor “hotter than fish grease.”
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