NEW YORK (AP) — A 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook New York City on Friday as the Yankees went through batting practice before their home opener.

Three days later, the Yankees will play after another natural phenomenon. At least this one will be expected.

A solar eclipse is forecast to take place Monday afternoon, with parts of upstate New York being in its path of totality.

The Yankees host the Marlins at 6:05 p.m. in a game that was pushed back four hours because of the potential for delays. The first 15,000 fans to arrive will receive a Yankees solar eclipse T-shirt.

Manager Aaron Boone was unsure Sunday whether the Yankees would alter their pregame routine for the eclipse.

“Not yet, but certainly we’ll be advised if we need to alter things but nothing as of now,” Boone said.

The Yankees typically take batting practice about two and a half hours before the first pitch for home games.

The last total solar eclipse was Aug. 21, 2017, when Boone was broadcasting the Little League World Series for ESPN in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

“I remember there at the Little League World Series and I had the glasses,” Boone said. “It was definitely interesting.”