I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get to the new stadium but I finally made it to the new Globe Life Field. Went Saturday to the Rangers-Mariners game.

I feel like I watched it get built while going to Cowboys games and was never impressed with how it looked from the outside and the inside is nothing special. New and nice but it reminds me a lot of the Astros and Mariners stadiums, just newer.

I had read many negative reviews but the overall game experience for me was fine. The main concourse is wide and open. Lots of options and it does have the “Mallpark” feel – plenty to do if you really don’t want to watch the game. It looked as if it had great sightlines from all over (admittedly, I did not walk all over).

I loved the retractable roof – it was closed and the AC works fine. That was one of my biggest complaints about going to the old Ballpark.

Overall, it’s a great new home for the Rangers but it is not a destination stadium.

As for the food, I did get one of those Boomstick Chili Dogs – a couple feet of all beef hot dog with chili, nacho cheese, onions and jalapenos. Five of us shared it – it was fantastic and more importantly, it did not ruin anybody’s day. I highly recommend it – and for about $30, well worth it if you are feeding several. Can’t say I would recommend you getting that for yourself.

I did want to try the brisket egg rolls, but I was full. That will happen on my next trip.

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Photo: San Antonio’s Sports Star/Jason Minnix