Florio’s stands the test of time

As we do every week, Jason Minnix and I ventured out to find a place to eat that we haven’t been to before or it’s been a while. Today fits into the it’s been a while category. We went to Florio’s on Broadway, a place famous for its New York style pizza and as usual, it did not disappoint.

We walked in and the place was packed as usual, but we didn’t wait long. We both ordered the lunch special, which has got to be the best deal in town. Two slices and a drink for 5 bucks! It’s a little extra to add toppings but when all said and done, Jason picked up a 13 dollar tab. I know, the guy is the last of the big spenders!

Jason had pepperoni  and I hand pepperoni, black olives and jalapenos.  It is what you would expect from Florio’s – great pizza, fast and at a great price. It had been awhile since either of us had been and it was just as good as always. It won’t be long for a return visit.

Have an idea for lunch? Let us know, @joereinagel210 or @jasonminnix.