The San Antonio Spurs are back in the win column after an exciting victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, and fittingly there’s been much rejoicing, but it’s back to work for this team as they continue to work their way back towards .500.

Stirring as the victory was, the fact remains that it was only the second win of the year for a Spurs squad that started with a rough opening schedule. But now the schedule lightens up a little with contests against the Magic, Thunder, and the Rick Carlisle coached Pacers.

And while the Pacers are currently pitching camp at the very bottom of the Eastern Conference, they are (at least on paper) a much tougher out than the similarly 1-7 Orlando Pacers.

Like the Spurs, the Pacers were gifted a rough opening schedule, with every team holding a winning record except for the 3-3 Brooklyn Nets. And like the Spurs, the Pacers have largely been keeping things close, as one would expect of a Carlisle coached team.

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