Good Time Charlies

Over the last several months, Joe Reinagel and I have been going to lunch at iconic spots in San Antonio – although we are inconsistent with it – so we can’t call it our weekly lunch…

That said, the rules are loose and we make them up on the go but that basic idea is to go to a local spot that seemingly everyone has been to. For us, one of us has never eaten there or both of us have not been in years – say pre-pandemic.

Yesterday we went to lunch at Good Time Charlies on Broadway. Both of us have been, but it has been years. And it was just how we remembered.

You know it’s a good place when you see a table full of law enforcement officers and others wave to the staff and get called by name for coming in.

As for lunch, Joe went with the steak fingers and I went with the Chicken Fried Steak.

Can’t go wrong with either one – their gravy is fantastic and the chicken fried steak was good but not great. I still prefer the chicken fried steak at Tip Top or even Longhorn Café.

Reinagel loved the steak fingers but said they were not as good as the steak fingers at his beloved Dairy Burger in Alice Texas – not sure if that is a fair comparison because according to Reinagel, nothing is better than Dairy Burger in his hometown of Alice.

We need your suggestions…where should we go to lunch? Who has the best chicken fried steak? Let us know on Twitter @JasonMinnix @JoeReinagel210 and listen to The Blitz weekdays 4-7p.