Has the NFL Figured Out Dan Quinn?

There is one thing you can always count on in the NFL, for the most part, coordinators are very smart people. It may take them while,  but they always seem to figure it out. So we have to question whether that is the case with the Dallas Cowboys defense.  The defense has been the talk of the league this year, the sensation that is Micah Parsons, the pass rush is unstoppable and it was the reason the Cowboys were able to have success and save the season  when Dak Prescott was hurt. But the defense has been exposed over the last couple of games, and most of that is because the Cowboys can’t stop the runThat fact was covered up in the Bears win because the Cowboys won the game, but the fact of the matter is, the Bears rolled up 240 yards on the ground in week 8 while the Green Bay Packers finished with 207.

What’s telling about Sunday’s Packers game, Aaron Rodgers threw the ball only 20 times. The Packers did not have to throw any more because the Cowboys defense could not stop the run. Not to mention the fact that the Cowboys defense blew a 14 point, 4th quarter lead. I’m not here to rehash what was a tough Sunday for Cowboys fans. But if things don’t change, the Cowboys are headed for another quick playoff exit, if they make the playoffs at all.  Obviously the blame can’t be all on the defense, the offense, while putting up 28 points had its share of blame, a fourth and three decision in overtime for one.

However it is the run defense, or lack thereof, that has to be the most worrisome. The Cowboys sit at 6-3, in third place in the NFC East with two great running backs ahead, Dalvin Cook Sunday in Minnesota and at home on Thanksgiving against Saquan Barkley and the Giants. Cowboys win those two games and the conversation changes, but if they don;’t we will be back to the same offseason questions the Cowboys have endured over the past 25 years.
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