Here to Stay
June 14, 2021, San Antonio, TX: Spurs Sports and Entertainment Chairman Peter J. Holt poses for a photo at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas Monday, June 14, 2021. (Photo by Reginald Thomas II/San Antonio Spurs)

With talk of the San Antonio Spurs asking Bexar County Commissioners permission to play four home games outside of San Antonio, we finally heard from Spurs brass about the commitment the organization has to San Antonio.

A solid week has passed since a 3-2 vote by County Commissioners on May 3 that gave preliminary approval for the Spurs to play four home games away from the AT&T Center in a one-year test. The County Commissioners will meet again next week.

At that meeting, Judge Wolff asked why Peter J. Holt or RC Buford were not at the meeting.

Some obvious concern from fans was there that this could be the groundwork for a future move to Austin.

Today, on May 10, the Spurs released a letter from Spurs Sports & Entertainment Managing Partner Peter J. Holt who made the commitment to San Antonio that fans were looking for a week ago.

In the letter (full letter below), Holt wrote “I want to reassure you the Spurs are in San Antonio to stay.”

Holt did his best in the letter to stop relocation rumors and calm the nerves of fans and likely sponsors. “We will keep making memories, together, inside of Bexar County.”

Holt grew up in San Antonio. He was 12 when the Spurs won their first championship in 1999. And he reminds us, his family saved the Spurs from moving. “My family became involved in the Spurs in the 90s because there was a real threat that the team would be moved. We would not let that happen then and we will not let that happen now.”

Sent a week late, the letter offers what we Spurs fans have been looking for. These four games should not be viewed as a threat, at least not now…Holt even took a dig at Austin tacos.

“There are no Spurs without the city and the people of San Antonio. Your team, our team, together we are the silver and black. Spurs fans – we are here to stay, Por Vida,” Holt wrote

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