Horry’s ’07 Spurs Championship Ring Up for Auction

A blinged out piece of San Antonio Spurs history is up for auction – Robert Horry’s 2007 NBA Championship ring. As of Monday afternoon, the highest bid is listed at $18,500. The ring is a beauty! It says “NBA Champions” and features the Spurs logo covered in diamonds. The ring is valued at $30,000 – but may be more valuable to fans living in San Antonio. You can check out the ring (or bid on it) at Heritage Auction’s website HA.com.

I’m not sure why Horry is giving up the ring or if he’s even the current owner. Part of me would love to own the ring. I can picture myself at parties or events showing it off. The ring is a fantastic conversation piece! However, another part of me would feel sad owning the ring. I was not a part of that championship run; I never made a basket; I never defended an opposing player.

Horry won 7 NBA Championship rings during his career. The one that is up for grabs is the last of the seven he won – and his second with the Spurs. Checking out Heritage Auction’s website, I see other rings up for bid including one that belonged to a Sweet 16 player, and another NBA Championship ring that was given to a Houston Rockets staff member.

I wonder if these historical jewelry pieces are being auctioned for charity… or if they are being auctioned because the former owner needs money. The latter of two could be devastating the original owner.

I just hope a Spurs fan submits the winning bid. At the very least, Horry’s Championship ring can stay home in San Antonio.

  • Michael Jimenez