How do you define a sports dynasty?

How do you define a dynasty?

To me, a team that dominates for an extended length of time is a dynasty. They don’t have to win titles every year but they have to be in contention.

I know it’s subjective and can make for great debate, but as Golden State and Boston get ready for Game 5 tonight, I have had a couple of conversations with people who think what Golden State has done does not qualify as a dynasty.

I call BS on that…Ernest at RNR Auto Glass, I am talking to you. He tried to make the argument that Golden State is not a dynasty because they haven’t won without Kevin Durant.

Some will argue that the Spurs are not a dynasty because they never won back-to-back titles.

Are the Buffalo Bills from the early 90s a dynasty? I saw yes. The Miami Heat with King James was not – they didn’t last long enough.

While there is no real set of rules for this, how do you define a dynasty?

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