The Spurs have made it clear that they are changing their identity. Aldridge could be a great fit with their new style, as long as they make some small tweaks to how they use him.

One of the biggest questions the Spurs will have to answer as they start next season is whether the style of play they adopted in the bubble is sustainable with LaMarcus Aldridge available. The more free-flowing, perimeter-oriented attack we saw in Orlando simply doesn’t seem to fit Aldridge’s tendencies, which means he’ll have to adjust.

Luckily, he appears ready to do just that. The veteran big man has said all the right things so far while his teammates have made it clear that they think having him back will help the team. Now, all that’s left to figure out is how Aldridge could fit in the offense. Some small tweaks in the way he’s used should help a lot.