How Long has This Been in the Works?


Victor Wembanyama is more than a generational talent. He is a franchise changer.

NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski said on ESPN that he is the singular greatest prospect in NBA draft history. He is that at 18 years old. He was also that at 17 and 16. He is not coming out of nowhere.”

That is why we will see the race to the bottom. But it’s not just on the court. Woj said that one team president told him that drafting Wemby might add as much as $500 million to the value of whatever franchise lands him.

If you listen to The Blitz you know that I am not a fan of tanking. Joe Reinagel absolutely hates it. While I don’t like it, I get why teams are doing it. I get why the Spurs are doing it.

And it almost feels like this has been the Spurs plan all along. We give the Spurs brass a ton of credit for being an extremely smart and advanced front office. They have earned it.

Wemby has been on the Spurs radar since before he was a teenager. He played for Tony Parkers team in France.

The last couple of years the Spurs have been just good enough to avoid the lottery. Fans, sponsors could see they were trying…or at least trying not to tank. But the timing wasn’t right and they knew it.

Lets trade Murray and bottom out the year maybe the greatest prospect is coming out…the year the top of the draft will be deep. Scoot Henderson is pretty good…

Pop, RC and Brian Wright have worked a plan. Now they have to avoid winning too many games this year and hit the lottery. It seems so wrong, yet the timing is right.

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