Identity Crisis? The Dallas Cowboys should be more than just Dak

The Dallas Cowboys need an identity. And, it can’t be just Dak Prescott. We’ve seen the star quarterback throw for 350+ yards and the team ultimately lose the game. For years, Dak has been the team’s identity. But, he shouldn’t be anymore…


You can argue that last season “Undisciplined” became the team’s identity. The Cowboys led the league in penalties, but somehow managed to win 12 games and the NFC East. Dallas also had the number one offense in the NFL, but the weird thing is – it didn’t feel that way.


Coming into this season, some Cowboys fans are ready for a change – a different approach from this team. They want “tough defense” to be the team’s new identity. Win with defense, not Dak’s arm. The team’s marketing department might already be a step ahead.


Jon Machota of The Athletic tweeted earlier this month from a Dallas Cowboys gift shop: “When’s the last time the Cowboys had two defenders with the most popular jerseys?” The photo shows a #7 Trevon Diggs jersey next to a #11 Micah Parson’s jersey. In previous years, I’m sure the #4 and #21 jerseys of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott were front and center.


Is the Cowboys gift shop window a sign of things to come? Can the defense become the team’s identity? For Cowboys fans, I would hope so. Like the old saying says, “Defense wins Championships. The Rams won the Super Bowl with Matthew Stafford… but also a strong defense. The same goes for Tom Brady’s Bucs and Patriots.


Discipline and Defense – that’s what the Cowboys need to return to glory. Sure, having Dak Prescott is nice. He’s a good quarterback, but he can’t do it alone… especially with inexperienced wide receivers. The Cowboys play in the weakest division of the weakest conference. This is their window of opportunity. They can climb through that window if they can solve this identity crisis.

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