Recent chatter around the Dallas Cowboys is all about former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and that is because of one particular word – former. Tuesday brought news that Payton, who served on Bill Parcells’ staff in Dallas in the early 2000s, is walking away from the Saints. That is fueling a tale as old as time that he could wind up returning to the same Cowboys organization who saw him walk away in 2006 and go on to have all of the success that he did.

Until this year Payton flirting with leaving the Saints was sort of an annual offseason trope; however, it is very real as he is now officially done with that organization. It is possible that Payton is the coach of another NFL team (it could even be as soon as this coming season), but all reports are that he wants time away from football, not to mention the Saints would be entitled to compensation from whoever wanted to hire him.