Inspired by the new book by Greeny, Minnix lists the best to wear each number from Texas

Inspired by the new book by @ESPNGreeny, @JasonMinnix lists the best to wear each number from Texas –

It was a lot of fun talking with Mike Greenberg about his new book “Got Your Number – The Greatest Sports Legends And The Numbers They Own”

If you missed the interview, listen to it on the Audio Vault page here at – While Greeny and his producer Hembo did a ton of research and had to make some tough decisions, it is a great debate book. I appreciate his reasons and for deciding who he picked but he even said, he knows many will disagree.

I am biased but not enough Texas representation in the book…no Spur made the list but he told us on The Blitz No. 21 was one of the toughest decisions of the book. Two Dallas Cowboys make the book.

One listener suggested we create a Texas only list. As I sit here and flipping back and forth between the Astros-Tigers and Rangers-Orioles games, I am jotting down my version – no research but the greatest to wear numbers while playing in college or the pros in the state of Texas. Admitting the lack of research, I am guessing I will miss some and I will skip some numbers if I cannot come up with a name off the top of my head.

  1. Warren Moon
  2. Johnny Manziel
  3. Alex Rodriguez
  4. Dak Prescott
  5. Jeff Bagwell or LaDainan Tomlinson – Go Bagwell
  6. Avery Johnson
  7. Craig Biggio
  8. Troy Aikman
  9. Tony Parker
  10. Vince Young
  11. Ricky Williams (he wore 11 and 34)
  12. Roger Staubach
  13. Billy Wagner
  14. Cody Carlson
  15. Patrick Mahomes (he wore 5 in college but he doesn’t make the list for college)
  16. Kliff Kingsbury
  17. Lance Berkman
  18. Got Nothing
  19. Eric Dickerson
  20. Manu Ginobili
  21. Tim Duncan
  22. Emmitt
  23. Calvin Murphy
  24. Jimmy Wynn
  25. Becky Hammon/Rafeal Palmeiro
  26. Got nothing
  27. Jose Altuve
  28. Darren Woodson
  29. Adrian Beltre
  30. Dan Reeves
  31. Malik Rose
  32. Sean Elliott
  33. Tony Dorsett
  34. Nolan, Hakeem, Earl
  35. Kevin Durant
  36. Got nothing
  37. Shane Reynolds
  38. Got Nothing
  39. Brandon Carr
  40. Von Miller
  41. Dirk
  42. Jose Lima
  43. Cliff Harris
  44. IceMan George Gervin
  45. Rudy Tomjanovich
  46. Got nothing
  47. Got nothing
  48. Moose Johnston
  49. Larry Dierker
  50. David Robinson
  51. Ken Norton Jr
  52. Robert Brazile
  53. Artis Gilmore
  54. Randy White
  55. Lee Roy Jordan
  56. Brian Cushing
  57. Got Nothing
  58. Got nothing
  59. Former co-host and Aggie/Cowboy great Dat Nguyen

For the record, both baseball games are over – both the Astros and Rangers have lost and the Spurs are losing and now it gets really hard….

  1. Tommy Nobis
  2. Nate Newton
  3. Got Nothing
  4. Mike Munchak
  5. Got nothing
  6. Elvin Bethea
  7. Got Nothing
  8. Got Nothing
  9. Got Nothing
  10. Gabe Rivera
  11. Rayfield Wright
  12. X
  13. Too Tall Jones
  14. Larry Allen
  15. Bob Lilly/Bruce Mathews
  16. Vince Wilfork
  17. Flozell Adams
  18. Tyron Smith…Luka…
  19. Laremy Tunsil
  20. Harvey Martin
  21. Andre Johnson
  22. Terrell Owens/Earnest Givins
  23. Jason Witten
  24. Kevin Walter
  25. Jay Novacek/Haywood Jeffries
  26. Shae Walker
  27. Butch Johnson
  28. Got Nothing –
  29. Michael Irvin/Drew Pearson
  30. Dan Campbell
  31. Tank Lawrence
  32. LP Longsnapper guy
  33. Got nothing
  34. Anthony Spencer
  35. D-Ware
  36. Sam Adams
  37. Marcus Spears
  38. Got nothing
  39. Greg Ellis
  40. JJ Watt

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be – and maybe not the best to wear the number but the best that I could remember with no research. Cowboys heavy I know…

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