Is Jimbo the Right Man for the Aggies?

First it was Appalachian State, then a squeaker over Arkansas and now a blowout loss to Mississippi St. All of that has Aggie fans howling and some even calling for the removal of head coach Jimbo Fisher. It’s not just fans, some former players are weighing in on the current state of Aggie football. I had the privilege of sitting down with two former Aggie greats, wide receiver Ryan Swopes and defensive lineman Spencer Nealy at the San Antonio Quarterback Club this week.  Both players held little back when talking about Aggie football as it stands right now. Both talked about the team seeming like it has no direction and no leadership.

First of all, on the coaches’ side of things, Nealy and Swopes talked about the apparent need for Jimbo to hire an offensive coordinator. Their point was it seems he has too much on his plate and shouldn’t have to shoulder play calling duties along with everything else. They also spoke out against Jimbo’s rants on the quarterback when he returned to the sidelines. Think about that, in today’s world, future players seeing that could affect their decisions about where they choose to play. Then both players were critical of the current state of college football when it comes to the N.I.L. and the transfer portal. Their point is, players seem more interested in playing for themselves than the name on the jersey. Maybe some of the players are more interested in trying to sell a product than getting ready to play football on Saturday.

I have been saying the same thing about the current state of football, but hearing it from two former players makes a difference. Some may dismiss this as jealousy because they missed out. I didn’t get that sense, I got the sense that these two Aggie players love their University and don’t want to see it fail. Look, Jimbo Fisher’s buyout would be enormous, probably not going to happen any time soon, but will he compromise and hire a coordinator. The pressure may continue to grow, especially with a blowout loss to Alabama or another stunning upset. Either way, something needs to change unless of course Aggies fans are ok with mediocracy.

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