Is Primo Ready for Prime Time?

The Spurs continue to keep fans guessing about what their next move will be. The DeJounte Murray trade talks continue to heat up with the Atlanta Hawks as the main player, although other teams are said to have interest in Murray.

What happens in this scenario will set the tone for the Spurs future. If Murray is dealt, the Spurs will ride with a very young core and hope to rebuild around guys like Josh Primo, Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell and a pocket full of first round draft picks to use as the Spurs see fit.

A couple of questions around this strategy, are Spurs patient enough to allow this to play out? But perhaps the bigger question, will guys like Johnson be willing to be patient? Keldon’s contract is coming up and the Spurs and JOhnson will have a big decision to make.

Then there is Primo and Vassell. There is a buzz around these guys in Spursville we are told and if Murray is moved, the keys to the team will be handed to a 19 year old Primo. Is he ready for primetime? The Spurs have done this before giving 19 year old Tony Parker the reins just four games into the season.

I like both of these players and believe Vassell will take a big leap this season. But I may be one of those guys that isn’t patient enough to rebuild this team completely through the draft, I would prefer a combination of youth and established veteran talent.

I hate the fact that the Spurs are looking at moving on from Murray, but I hope they stick to their guns and make sure the deal is worth it for a 25 year old All Star point guard. In the meantime, we can pnly wait and wonder if Primo time is fast approaching.

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