Is Skip Bayless right??

There he goes again, Skip Bayless thinking he knows what is going on with our Spurs. Thursday night after game one of the NBA finals, Byless tweeted: ” Did the Spurs ever make a big mistake giving away Derrick White. Popovich got down on him, wrecked his confidence. Look at Derrick White now.” So the question becomes, is he right?

Spurs fans were hard on White, he was supposed to be the man here in the Alamo City. He got paid and seemed to lose the magic he showed in the bubble a few years ago. Spurs fans lost patience and seemed happy Pop and company shipped him off to Boston, after all, the Spurs got a couple of number one picks (2022, 2028) and Josh Richardson. Seems like the Spurs got the better of the deal, right?
But White has flourished in Beantown, becoming a key piece off of that Boston bench, and in game 1 of the Finals, white was a big ;part of the Celtics comeback win over the Warriors. So I will ask the question again, is Skip Bayless right?
I say absolutely not! The Spurs won this deal and so did the Celtics. White never developed into the Lead player the Spurs hoped he would and now we are seeing he is much better without the pressure of being the man. I am happy for Derrick and keep hoping for the day Skip Bayless keeps his nose and opinions out of the Spurs business.
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