Is the Spurs Ship Sinking?

I have been so fortunate in my career to be able to cover a Spurs team that saw over 20 years of great success. Five NBA Championships, a streak of playoff appearances that is unparalleled in professional sports.  It has been a great run and like all great runs, they eventually come to an end. But most with the hope that it will return sooner rather than later. But with the Spurs right now who knows when that greatest will return, if ever.

This goes back a few years, the Spurs had their guy, a new building block, but he decided to throw a temper tantrum and demanded a trade. And with DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poeltl in return, there was some hope that this team would continue to be relevant. But Spurs fans were not satisfied, they wanted the rebuild, not that Pop listens to the fans, but this is where we are, a rebuild. Derrick White, and Dejounte Murray were the future, but for some reason both of those guys are gone. Now the Spurs are hanging their hat on Keldon Johnson, who has a new 80 million dollar contract in tow. But the Johnson moves seems to fall in line with the others, so I’m really not sure he is the guy, time will tell.
But what is the direction of this rebuild? Stash draft picks and hope one or two turn into stars? Tank and hope for a French savior? I just don’t know and I’m not the only one, Tony Parker said the same, he is not sure what the Spurs are doing.
And today, we learn Spurs shooting Guru Chip Engelland is joining forces with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Chip left the Spurs, according to WOJ,  because they could not agree on a new contract. That seems strange to me, after all, Chip turned both Parker and Number 2 into stars, he is revered by coaches across the league, so why let this guy go over a contract dispute? Maybe Chip was ready for a change, I get that, or maybe he doesn’t know where the Spurs are headed either.
It makes me sad to see this Spurs ship sinking while talent, both players and coaches jump off.  As Spurs fans we can hope for a miracle and continue to shout the phrase we all love, ” In Pop We Trust”, or we can put on the life vest and go down with the ship.
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