Is there any hope for the NBA Playoffs?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of watching some really bad basketball. The NBA Playoffs have been disappointing to say the least, one bad game after another. The Eastern Conference finals have two teams that only show up after they have been embarrassed in the game before, like the Miami Heat in game four.

I have been covering playoff basketball for over 30 years and I really can’t remember anything like what we are seeing today. The Western Conference isn’t much better, The Golden State Warriors are on their way to a sweep of the Dallas Mavericks.
The thing that amazes me is the fact that the ratings are up for playoff basketball and you have to wonder why. Maybe it’s because we have nothing else to watch? How long will that last? Sports fans will tune in because that is what we do, but what is happening?
I think again, this shows the season is too long, the players are done by this time of year and it shows with the onslaught of injuries we are seeing. Fans scream when coaches rest players during the season and I understand the frustration, so the only alternative, make it a 60 game regular season! I know that is not going to happen, so instead, the NBA will add regular season tournaments, hoping to generate more fan interest.
In the meantime, all we can do is hope that this year’s playoff basketball will get better, either way, we will be watching!
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– Joe Reinagel